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Who is SHANNON BELLAMY? Having gone through and triumphed over many of life’s ordeals, Shannon Bellamy has unequivocally established herself as a true Lady of Substance. She has reclaimed her traditional core values and has not let her past hurts, setbacks, or painful experiences change the dynamics of who she is as a person.

After having wrote a book that shocked church folks nationwide she has come back and reclaimed her life and continued on her path to being a successful entrepreneur. A woman who is truly determined to succeed she is empowering others and teaching them to think beyond today and build wealth for tomorrow. 

The Boss Lady of New Jersey….Entrepreneur, Personality, Realtor, Author, Playwright, Notary Public, Marketing Extraordinaire,Public Insurance Adjuster a place where Entrepreneurs can network, brainstorm and learn one some of the best in the industry.

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Available to speak locally and nationally

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