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Author Consulting & additional Marketing Services by Best Selling Author Shannon Bellamy
$299* – Unlimited access to author mentoring, consulting, marketing advice and how-to instructions. Learn to market and promote your project. Learn how to have the media coming to you for interviews. Get seen Get exposure. Access to the vendors we have relationships with to assist in furthering your project. Understanding and creating your marketing message, research on what the best message is, how to drive that message through to your audience. Marketing is a priceless investment that moves your project forward. Having an experienced c
onsultant is a valuable tool, that is why we provide the service unlimited for our partnered authors. (1st month; each additional month $249)

Our Essential Softcover Package:
Our most affordable book-publishing solution is also our most popular. The gold standard of quality and service for one low price. See how our Remarkable qualities set us apart.


Price Label $499 – Softcover, Full Color Cover, B&W interior, Includes a Premium Custom cover design*, Advanced interior formatting*, ISBN, unlimited interior images, hardcopy galley proof*, return-ability for stores, 5 free books, standard global distribution and much more.

Add $200 for Softcover, Full Color Cover & Interior – this includes an eBook with global distribution and much more.

*Other companies charge extra for hard copy galleys and what they deem as “premium” cover design and “advanced” interior formatting. All of our books are custom created with no hidden fees or extra charges.

Ghost writing per project:

(with credit) $50.00 per hour 

(no credit) $65.00 per hour

Manuscript evaluation and critique:

$50.00 per hour

Manuscript Typing

$4.00 per page or $.02 per word minimum 30,000 words

Distribution Services:
$199 – Extended Distribution, includes formatting and distribution through the world’s largest distributors: Ingram Book Group and Baker & Taylor. Over 50,000 brick and mortar stores will have access to your book, which will also be sold at online retailers such as,,, and countless others. Learn More

Hardcover Packages
$799 – Hardcover, black & white interior, dust jacket, eBook publishing and 10 free books (5 hardcover, 5 softcover)
$899 – Hardcover, color interior, dust jacket, eBook publishing and 10 free books (5 hardcover, 5 softcover)

$349 – eBook Design and Conversion. Includes premium formatting, color cover and interior page creation and all of our major online distribution channels including iPad, Kindle, Nook and more. Learn More
$199 – eBook Conversion. Only for books that do not require additional design or formatting. Includes all of our major online distribution channels. Learn More

$149 – eBook Conversion. When added to our essential softcover package. Includes all of our major online distribution channels. Learn More

Audio Books
$599 – The 1-Hour Audio™ book. Publish streamlined non-fiction, fiction short stories, children’s or poetry books of approximately 11,000 words for 1-hour of audio. Published as a single CD product and also distributed via the iTunes Store, and many others. Learn More
Unabridged Audio Books – the ultimate in professional presentation. Books are recorded in specially designed recording studios with a director and engineer on each session. Every second of audio is edited where mouth clicks, swirls, and other noises are replaced with clean room sound. Books are made available where audio books are sold. $599 per 10,000 words. Learn More

$995 – OneBook™. This all-in-one solution for print, audio and eBook is the perfect solution for the author looking for an affordable way maximize exposure to all types of readers in virtually all channels of distribution. Working with a single publisher makes it easy from production to royalty management.  




(PURCHASE YOUR BOOKS WHOLESALE UNDER $5.00 PER COPY *up to 224 pages 75 book order minimum)